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You’re invited behind the castle walls for a first-person voyage as a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort. Writer Michael Lyons is your guide through the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that were part of his 20-year career. From his earliest days as a frontline Cast Member in the merchandise shops on Main Street, USA., to leading a team at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as that park opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and from leading a team of managers at Disney’s off-site locations at Orlando International Airport, to teaching Disney’s renowned Traditions training class, you’ll follow Michael from entry-level Cast Member, to Trainer, Facilitator, and several levels of Leadership.

Traditionally, Disney has been known for its strong, one-of-a-kind culture. Michael shares the numerous life and work lessons he learned, including the importance of motivation, responsibility, partnership, values, first impressions, and respect, among many other lessons.

Through stories drawn from his own experiences working at the Walt Disney World Resort, Michael shares these and more in Magic Moments: Stories, Lessons & Memories From a Twenty-Year Career at Walt Disney World, including experiences that reveal:



  • How Disney teaches and empowers Cast Members to make magic real every day.
  • How there’s more than pixie dust behind Disney’s outstanding Guest service.
  • How inspiration and mentorship are the magic behind Leadership.
  • How you can “whistle while you work,” and run a successful business through collaboration.
  • How “Ohana” truly does mean family to the Disney Cast Member community.
  • How we can learn from the rich history and legacy of Walt Disney while creating our own.


Michael includes first-hand details of his work experiences at Disney, from positive stories to challenging moments, all of which have helped shape him personally and professionally.


Magic Moments offers something for everyone from ardent Disney fans to those looking for the magic around them every day.

Stories, Lessons & Memories from a Twenty-Year Career at Walt Disney World

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